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Method Description Instrument Calculation Manual entry
MP 11 (7) Calculations LC203 Cation-Anion difference %
MP 11 (6) Calculations LC202 Cation-Anion difference
MP 11 (5) Calculations LC201 Anion Sum
MP 11 (4) Calcalations LC200 Cation Sum
MP 11 (1) Calculations LC101 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
MP 11 (2) Calculations LC080 EC/10
MP 11 (3) Calculations LC060 TDS to EC ratio
MP 09 Fluoride Fluoride meter
MP 08 Net-Acid Generation (NAG/ABA)
MP 07 Neutralization Potential (NP)
MP 06 Rock Analysis - Determination of %C ELTRA CS-2000
MP 02 Specific Electical conductivity at 25 °C (mS/m) EC meter ADWAEC meter Eutech
MP 01 pH at 25°C pH meter EutechpH meter ADWA
MP 04 Water Analysis - Discrete Analyser (AQ2) methods Seal Analytical AQ2
MP 05 Rock Analysis - Determination of %S Eltra CS-2000
MP 10 Analysis with XRF Rigaku Supermini XRF
MP 03 Water Analysis - Determination of metals in water and waste water by ICP-OES Horiba JY ICP
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